Breaking Hearts with Karra, Moody Good, and SLANDER

Seeing the long-heralded master of sound design Moody Good team up with the legend himself, Slander sets the bar very high with his latest release. Add renowned vocalist Karra to the mix and you have the recipe for something timeless – and all three parties have truly delivered with “Heart Break.”

Karra’s vocals come front and centre when the track begins. Then Moody Good & SLANDER begin working their magic underneath, leading up to the drop where they both let loose and unleash a barrage of bass and palpable energy. Moody Good did not disappoint when it came to the sound design here – making sure that noise is firing across all frequencies, to deliver an insane listening experience.

One unexpectedly enjoyable aspect of “Heart Break” was the outro. What might normally be a stripped down and arguably boring version of the drop is turned into something exceptionally heavy, injected with trap influence to give the outro a strong bounce. Put this song on play and your body won’t stop moving until the track fades to silence.

Stream “Heart Break” below:




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