Breaking: Tomorrowland Announce ‘Around the World’ Digital & Interactive Festival

Tomorrowland had to cancel their 2020 iteration, however, it seemed they weren’t satisfied with simply doing nothing, and after a mysterious multi-day countdown which ended today, the Tomorrowland website and YouTube revealed what they’ve been secretly working on – a one of a kind digital festival taking place next month.

On Saturday, July 25 and Sunday July 26, Tomorrowland is organising Tomorrowland Around the World, the digital festival is billed as a spectacular entertainment experience open to people of all ages and places, unfazed by borders or boundaries. Following unique events such as Blockeley in Minecraft and Travis Scott’s Fortnite spectacular – Tomorrowland is set to premiere it’s own unique online experience this time in 3D.

Tomorrowland is keeping things a bit of a mystery still in regards to what it will look like but what we do know is that festival visitors will be able to explore a new kind of magical world in a presumably digitally made location via their website. While it is in 3D, won’t need any special 3D gear and it can be accessed from any PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You’ll be able to explore the entire festival site in an interactive way together with friends rather than simply watching a stream. The two-day festival weekend will offer its guests a packed schedule with plenty of things to do, see and experience.

As with the other editions of Tomorrowland, there will be a wide variety of stages that we would usually see at the real event, including Atmosphere, Core, Freedom Stage and Elixir, as well as 3 specially created and designed stages by the creative team and 3D artists behind Tomorrowland. As icing on the cake, this year’s iconic Mainstage, embodying the theme of 2020 ‘The Reflection of Love – Chapter 1’, will be unveiled to the world during Tomorrowland Around The World.

Besides the performances, there will be a wide range of interactive experiences to choose from, including special webinars, games and workshops related to lifestyle, food, fashion and the Tomorrowland Foundation. In all between the music and experiences, Tomorrowland Around The World will be a full day/weekend experience between 15h00–01h00 CEST. Interestingly there will be a ‘time-zone-friendly’ option for visitors from Asia and North or South America.

As for the artists on board for the new digital experience, we know Tomorrowland brings some of the biggest talents in the industry every year to it’s mega-festival so we can only predict the line-up will be a mesmerizing list of the best in the game. Keep an eye out on Monday June 15 for the full reveal and hopefully more insight into what the show will look like.

The event will be ticketed unlike the majority of online festivals which have sought to solely raise money for various charities, and given what they are teasing with this experience we can understand that it will not have been cheap to produce. However, it’s not going to compare to what a normal ticket would cost and for many who haven’t got a chance to get a ticket in previous years this might be your first chance.

Tomorrowland is using the world’s leading technologies in 3D design, video production, gaming and special effects to bring together 8 different stages with a stellar line-up of the most prominent artists in dance music, all of them premiering brand new content to be discovered exclusively on over the course of the weekend.

Michiel Beers, co-founder of Tomorrowland: “Tomorrowland Around The World is the result of a gigantic team effort of hundreds of people who are working around the clock to create a never-before-seen interactive entertainment experience. Since we started this project and all ideas came together, we immediately felt an enormous energy and lots of positivity from everybody involved. For us it’s a bit re-inventing the festival experience, but we truly believe that we can bring the spirit of Tomorrowland and entertainment at the highest level to people and homes around the globe. We hope that hundreds of thousands of people will unite in a responsible way and that small Tomorrowland gatherings at people’s homes – from Canada to Australia, from Japan to Brazil and everywhere in between – will be organised. Especially during the weekend where normally Tomorrowland Belgium would take place, we really have the power to unite the world.”

The day ticket costs €12.50 and the weekend ticket costs €20.00 and includes a week of video-on-demand content to relive the entire experience. Ticket sales start on Thursday June 18 via Special People of Tomorrow packages and Home Party packages will be available.





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