Brian Fink Continues To Provide Value, Revamping His Seesaw Sessions Podcast During Worldwide Quarantine

Since its launch in October of last year, Brian Fink’s Seesaw Sessions Podcast, airing via iHeart Radio, has featured some of the most influential people in the entertainment industry. Among them are artists such as Armin Van Buuren, and Sam Smith, as well as industry professionals such as Lorne Padman and Maykel Piron. 

Recently, with the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 and a large part of the world being in quarantine, Brian Fink has been revamping his entertaining podcast series providing some well-needed laughter and value during these times of isolation. In his latest couple of installments, that have been labeled as “Quarantined”, he “invites” (over the phone) legendary Finnish producer Darude, as well as Lorne Padman (VP of Steve Aoki’s label Dik Mak), Maykel Piron (CEO and Co-founder of Armada) and singer/songwriter Casey Baer. 

Listen to Brian Fink’s latest Seesaw Sessions Podcasts below: 

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