Brondo Drops Juggernaut Second Studio Album In ‘Concrete Jungle’

Concrete Jungle is not for the faint of heart. Solo bass producer Brondo is the face behind the name, having ventured forth on a long road to get to where he is at today. The album features a total of 10 tracks and boasts deeper sensibilities and edgy personality that what most bass albums are able to put forth. The album features a total of 5 collaborations, Tyro, RUSKER, 7Figure, Houstage Situation, and Mport all having a chance to include their influence on the album. There were a few singles that teased what was to come, but nothing could fully give a true view as to the scale and of what Brondo’s album would be until the work was out in full. Newly revealed tracks like “Pump,” and “Tonka,” obliterating the senses the rattling those who listen down to their core. The experience is best heard from start to finish and provides the perfect introduction to Brondo if you haven’t heard before.

Brondo picked up major steam in 2019, is easy-follow-brand and forward-thinking bass sound catching the ear of tens and thousands and thus sending him on an upward trajectory. He easy to recognize gorrilla symbol is a centerpiece of the brand and provided a sense of story and power to the project.

Like millions, CO-VID 19 cut the pace short and redirected his career for the time being. Not giving up in the least, the man pivoted during the lockdowns and has regrouped and redirected now that it’s over – now set on making the movement the best and brightest it can possibly be.

“Concrete Jungle,” is available in full and can be heard below.




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