BRONSON Ignites a Fiery Energy with Keep Moving & Its Music Video

BRONSON returns with an abundance of energy to ignite a fiery gusto in listeners. The trio of ODESZA’s Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills and Golden Features aka Tom Stell have definitively intertwined stellar music with conscious and well-defined narrative themes that speak the truth of the current era’s turbulence. The culmination of these artist ideations brings forward some of the best culturally relevant dance music. It continues with “Keep Moving” and its accompanying music video achieve the foundational goals of the project, all the while unleashing one of 2020’s coolest tracks.

BRONSON’s newest record brings a new wrinkle to the arsenal. While their previous release of “Dawn” with TEED brought a profound sonic experience rife with wonder and beauty, the trio throw prettiness out the window and douse their DAWs in gasoline to ignite a ferocious sound that pushes any sound system to its fullest resonance and smacks listeners with unrelenting concussive energy. It’s controlled chaos and it serves a purpose of awakening those who dare listen to the on-going injustices and issues that plague society, a common theme to the BRONSON discography.

The record also brings forward one of the most inventive videos of the COVID-19 lockdowns, which has prevented many artists from gathering to create full-scale productions. The silver-lining of these lockdowns is that BRONSON — and others — have brought forth brilliant creativity and ingenuity to tell their visual narrative. “Keep Moving” is prominent example of what can be achieved despite limitations.

Directed by Swedish collective Stylewar, the video is astutely woven stock images and videos that the crew scoured the internet to accumulate. Once the collective found the right images, they then utilized VFX, manipulation and editing tricks to breathe life into an outlandish story that without seeing would seem unfathomable. While it does have an absurdity that borders on comical, the visual story utilizes these elements with genius and unveils a deeper societal commentary. I won’t spoil or contaminate the message, but give it a view to form your thoughts. It’s easily worth it.

Stylewar has also provided us with these insights:

The idea for this video was born out of creative starvation during the era of COVID-19. We’ve always had a strong fascination for stock footage and the thoughts and process that goes into creating it, so, since it was impossible to execute anything close to a normal shoot, we moved forward with a concept using solely that and CGI.

The pull to use stock footage became centered around this niche subset of content for the corporate business world, for it can be so cliché and mind-bendingly generic. We love how hyper-generic it is, in every detail. From cast, wardrobe, props to locations and especially the acting – it’s all super shallow and false. So, with this as a base, we wanted to create an alternate reality: what would happen if there was a complete inversion to this world and sense of order. Are they all fake? Is everything fake?” 

“Keep Moving” is nothing short of exemplary and highlights a trio of artists with the necessary talent to tell stories with deeper meaning and connectivity. These messages and themes take shape in some of the best new music of 2020 and balance the dualities that run through the core principles of the world. Whether it’s dark and light or peace and war, BRONSON is brave enough to explore these themes and enlighten listeners through unrivaled sonic and visual storytelling. It leads to immense anticipation for an album full of promise.

The self-titled debut album arrives on August 7 via Foreign Family Collective and Ninja Tune. It is available now to pre-order and pre-save digitally through the official BRONSON store. To stream or watch the music video for “Keep Moving” continue down or follow the link here to choose your DSP of choice or follow the link here for the music video.

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