Brooks Interview: Unreleased Collabs, Kanye, Future Goals + More

Brooks is killing it currently after collab-ing with Martin Garrix and David Guetta as well as pushing out quality solo productions. We caught up with him and talked about said collaborations, favourite place to play on tour, hobbies outside of music as well as his dream collaboration and a lot more! Brooks definitely has a bright future ahead of him!

You’re playing a B2B tonight, do you do many B2B’s?

Not that much actually, but it’s fun. Of course with STMPD, we all know each other personally for quite a long time and we’ve been in the studio together as well as meeting each other at shows. For example, Julian Jordan I have randomly met when we’ve both had a show in Poland and we wouldn’t even know. It always works out when you play a B2B set.  He’s going to play his track, then I’m going to play mine.

You’re close friends with Jonas Aden.  What’s he up to at the moment?

He had his studio flood, maybe two years ago and that kind of set him back a bit. But he’s built a new studio now and has been making a lot of music for other people as well. I have received some tracks from him that are signed on some pretty big labels.

2018 as a massive year for Brooks. You had the David Guetta and Martin Garrix collab.  Could we expect anymore music with them?

I’ve got a new track with David for sure, just us two. Last Summer I actually spent quite a lot of time at his place in Ibiza. He has a studio there so most of the time when we did shows at Ushuaïa or Pacha we would head back and go to the studio. We have one track that will be released soon and a couple of others in the works and I’m not sure if they’ll be released. With Martin, we will see. But with ‘Byte’, if I want to do a track with Martin we could finish it in a day. With ‘Byte’ we finished it on the Monday and released it on Friday.  It was a crazy turnaround. It was a funny story. On the Thursday we shot the music video and Damien, the guy who does the videos had to work until Friday morning to finish off the video so that we could post it.

Other than David Guetta, do you have any other collaborations that you could provide some details on?

I am working on a track with KSHMR at the moment.  Hopefully that is finished soon. I’ve been super busy with touring.  I’m only getting used to it now because it’s like my first summer tour. It kind of caught me off guard.  I thought I’d have a lot more time in the studio.

On your tour, where was your favourite place to play?

Of course Tomorrowland, as it’s a dream for all the beginner artists out there. Ever since I made my first track I always checked the livestream. I played on the STMPD stage and then the next week David Guetta brought me onto the mainstage to play our collab. Goosebumps all over for that!

Where you nervous for that?

Well the thing was, I didn’t really have to play – when David brought me out. Still, when I was there it was all happiness. I had nothing to do so I couldn’t mess anything up! Untold Festival was also really cool, as well as Croatia – really cool country!

Do you focus on any hobbies outside of music?

Well at the moment, I’m very busy but I like to cook which is something not a lot of people expect from me. And I love food, especially when touring in places like Asia. I like to bring back some weird spices from there and try to make a dish out of it when I’m back home. But I really love Peking Duck, especially in the pancakes.

Who would be the dream artist you would collab with, dead or alive?

I don’t want to sound bad but I didn’t really listen to a lot of music from older generations. When I grew up, I immediately started listening to ‘EDM’.  But to be in the studio with some of the bigger hip hop artists would be awesome. I think Kanye West would be it. He is such a visionary. He’s made so many beats for other artists as well. As a producer, I think he is a total genius.

New Kanye or old Kanye?

Good question! I think maybe a mix of both.  I’m thinking about it and I’m not really sure. Actually, I think the new Kanye.

What can we expect from Brooks in 2019. Any specific goals?

I had a big meeting with my management in December and spent the whole month producing, so there will be a lot of new music. I want to develop my sound and not create three copies of ‘Like I Do’. There will be new music but it will still have the signature ‘Brooks’ sound.

Brooks’ massive collaboration together with David Guetta is out now!


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