After His Collaboration With Garrix & Guetta; Brooks Is Back With ‘Limbo’

After the major success that was ‘Like I Do‘, with Martin Garrix & David Guetta; Brooks is back with ‘Limbo‘. His newest features the wonderful vocals of Zoë Moss. This is the first official release Zoë has ever been featured on.

‘Limbo‘ possesses dance elements to appeal to Brooks’ dance music fans that love him from his Future House Music, Spinnin’ and STMPD releases. ‘Limbo‘ is the first track of Brooks in a while that doesn’t feature his signature bouncy future house sound. However, this track is brilliantly produced, with a punchy drop that your every day people would love. With the help of Universal Music, this track should do well as a follow up to ‘Like I Do‘.

Coming off the commercial success that was ‘Like I Do‘, the obvious business decision is to continue to appeal to the mainstream. Brooks has done that with ‘Limbo‘, great pop vocals and a radio friendly drop. Brooks has produced this track well, still maintaining dance elements in a manner that will still connect to his dance music fans. This track is licensed to Universal music, something that will assist him even more into the mainstream.

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