BT Releases A Masterpiece Of An Album With ‘The Lost Art Of Longing’

BT showcases his immaculate production abilities through 14 remarkable songs on his 13th album; The Lost Art Of Longing. It is BT’s first dance music-oriented album in seven years.

Whilst there are many incredible trance renditions, BT includes a handful of tracks that expand the genre, proving his versatility and production skill. His talent for scoring shines through, with many tracks possessing cinematic elements of that nature.

Anyone that can appreciate music will truly admire this album and whilst not every track shines through, as a collection it’s a technical masterpiece.

BT explained the reasoning behind the album name and what inspired it:

“Simply put, I realized there are many things that have a deep personal significance and meaning (and many other people for that matter) that are slowly (and/or rapidly) becoming archaic, antiquated, even extinct.”

“The handwritten love letter, a rotary telephone, a book, early computers, vintage synthesizers, telephone wires, typewriters…all in sheds or garages, landfills and other places…slowly decaying and being forgotten. There are love stories in there, stories of war and triumph, and courage and tragedy. People’s stories. I think these things should be remembered. Not only the stories themselves, but also the way they were created.”

“One of the things nearing extinction; is the art of longing. As in, wanting of something you cannot immediately have. If anything positive is to come from the situation the world collectively finds itself in, it is my great hope – Longing, imagination and relational connection are swapped out for speed, instant gratification and over-stimulation. For a child or teenager to sit thoughtfully and ponder what is to come, to hope for or envision something amazing, to dream of a place or a future – is becoming obsolete. Longing has been replaced with instant gratification.”




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