Burial Debuts Long-Awaited New Music

There are few producers who can say they’ve been as influential to the industry as Burial. The British producer, William Bevan, has been an enigmatic figure in dance music since his debut EP way back in 2005. With two subsequent critically acclaimed albums, 2006’s self-titled and 2007’s iconic release Untrue, Bevan transformed the then-modern conceptions of UK garage, two-step, and early dub. Now he’s back with his first new releases in two years with a brilliant 2-song EP “Claustro/State Forest”.

The tracks live up to expectations. “Claustro” leads things off with characteristic two-step beats and Burial’s signature use of a sampled vocal line to set a mood, along with a danceable synth line. The stand-out of the two, however, is “State Forest”, an 8-minute long ambient wonder, that serves more to create a scene and conjure a feeling than anything. Various waves of vaguely melodic noise echo through a crackling static barely audible in the background.

These two tracks are proof that Burial’s still got it. Bevan is the kind of producer who will make what he wants and what he feels is right, and these new showings serve as an example of his brilliance and his willingness to make something that goes against the grain, yet speaks to him. Thankfully, his music speaks to all of us as well.

Stream “Claustro/State Forest” now below:

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