CADE Returns To Ultra Music With ‘Yours’

22-year-old singer/songwriter/producer mastermind CADE returns to Ultra Music with his newest single ‘Yours’. The track is the perfect blend of breathy-pop music, indie guitar-driven melodies, and incredible energy, a testament to CADE’s diverse skill set across the board.

“‘Yours’ is about finding a love that feels like home. Good love is hard to find (especially in LA). This song is about wanting to give everything I have for my love,” Cade says. 

With mesmerizing vocals and beautifully driven melodies, ‘Yours’ is the perfect mix of pop and dance, letting the record appeal to two different listening demographics.

“‘I’ve been writing so much music with so many amazing collaborators this year, but I wrote and produced this record alone in my home studio,” Cade says. ‘Yours’ feels so much more true and original to me than any record I’ve released previously. I just hope everyone feels this one as much as I do.”

With over 4.7 million monthly listeners, CADE continues to gain global attention performing support and headlining at music festivals around the world with acts like Cheat Codes, Jeremih, Mike Posner, and through strategic collaborations creating hit songs with Cheat Codes.

On the horizon, CADE has collaborations with THEY, CMC$, DVBBS and an Ultra Music EP called Wolf Blue due in the fall of 2019.




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