Cadence Releasing Stunning New Single ‘Be What I Need’ With Brooke Williams

With its intoxicating blend of club beats and polished pop hooks ‘Be What I Need’ is the new single from Melbourne’s Cadence featuring the sublime vocals of Brooke Williams. The track follows on from his debut EP ‘Mirror to My Mind’ (400K + streams) which scored Spotify playlist support on ‘New Dance Beats’ and ‘Just Chill’. ‘Be What I Need’ oozing synth-pop vibes and pulsating production will have listeners yearning for Summer club nights out.

Brooke & I wrote ‘Be What I Need’ about that first night out after a breakup, when you’re just looking for someone to form a new connection with. The euphoric and uplifting chorus represents the moment of release, where you finally feel free again and begin to forget the heartache.” – Cadence

 ‘Be What I Need’ marks the start of a new chapter for Cadence with the track initially written in Melbourne after contacting Brooke to set up a writing session. They finally got into a Los Angeles studio and got along instantly. He says this song was also strongly influenced by his time in LA. “The morning runs through Marina Del Rey and the sunsets on Venice Beach were the perfect settings for my creativity to thrive and became a guide for the feelings I wanted to convey in the record.”

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