Call of Duty: Warzone Hits 30 Million Players

Less than two weeks from launch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s new battle royale game mode Warzone has hit 30 million players. The two major factors behind this success has to be attributed to it being free, as well as the virus situation; which has a lot of people currently at home and has shown a rise in gaming.

This makes it one of the fastest-growing free-to-play titles in the industry, putting it on par with BR competitor Apex Legends, which hit 25 million players after its first week back in February 2019.

Warzone is a welcomed addition to the latest COD title; Modern Warfare – which launched in October. After being leaked before the game was even released, Warzone is now here several months later. The reactions have been very positive and the game has handled very well, even with 30 million people playing.

Alternative to other BR titles, Warzone offers ‘Plunder’ another playing option that focuses on collecting money and doing tasks, with respawning enabled. They have also just recently added a solo option for BR, something that was all but eventual.

Call of Duty has not delve into the free to play business model on console yet, and after this successful launch – we hope we see more free to play games from the brand in the future. This model does not mean no revenue, it may actually work out to be a better financial decision than a standard price for the mode. Fortnite has been a tremendous financial success for Epic Games, with them relying on revenue avenues such as their in game store and battle pass. These two options will be the same for Call of Duty – as they will market the fruitful options in their stores to the free playing customers. With 30 million people playing, a small but significant number will be purchasing shop items and should make more money than a small amount of people buying the game outright.




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