Camelphat Prove They Cannot Make A Bad Track With 'Be Someone'

Liverpool house duo Camelphat have released ‘Be Someone‘, another super solid production from the Englishmen. Unsurprisingly, this new track from Camelphat is astonishing!

The melody throughout the track is next level and that’s what we’ve come to expect from the Camelphat boys. Jake Bugg’s vocals are sprinkled through the production and really aid in the build of the song. The killer melody is introduced in a subtle manner, and slowly builds into a calm drop that really lets the chords shine. Overall, it feels like Camelphat produced this thinking “less is more“ - it definitely worked!

CamelPhat have managed to snag Jake Bugg for their summer hit, there’s not doubt tracks such as ‘Cola’, ‘Panic Room‘ assisted in bringing these two acts together. The collaboration is still a pleasant surprise, since Jake Bugg is known for his tender folk songs on the guitar and rarely participates in any dance music, let alone something Camelphat styled.

This beautiful atmospheric release from Camelphat and Jake Bugg is out now through Sony.