camoufly Continues To Carve His Own Lane With New “FAITH” EP

camoufly’s meteoric rise began with the release of his Apotheosis EP last year, which garnered global praise through its Spotify playlist features on “New Music Friday,” “Dance Rising,” and “creamy.” This rising talent continued to ride the momentum and released his sophomore EP titled The Giant, which earned an exclusive premiere on Forbes and locked in camoufly for the cover of the “creamy” playlist for more than one month. The masked producer capped off 2021 with the receival of “Best Artist” and “Best Emerging Artist” awards at the Audius Awards in 2021. Strapped with an irresistible sound and an incredible production artillery, the question of camoufly’s rise to the upper echelons of dance music is not a matter of ‘if,’ but ‘when.’

FAITH sees camoufly’s epochal expertise in full gear, bursting to life with five brilliantly created compositions. With surges of jubilant synthesizers, vivid sonic blips, and worldwide chord progressions, FAITH represents the intrinsic transition of springtime, landing everywhere toward the end of April. The EP’s lead track, “everlasting,” soars with irresistible vocal skills and camoufly’s characteristic kawaii bounce flavor, while the rest of the EP sparkles with rhythmic surges of sound that are sure to tug at your heartstrings. FAITH reminds its listeners from beginning to end that, while much is beyond their control, the cosmos has a plan for everyone if they will only tune in and listen.




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