Capitol Records & Loud Robot Welcome Chaz Cardigan with “Not OK!”

While music is widely considered to be an outlet for creative types, there seems to be a barrier that many fail to cross which is truly and honestly open up to their audience. Many times it’s veiled with metaphor upon metaphor but that is not the case here with American based musician, Chaz Cardigan. In his latest track, he puts every tool at his disposal towards opening up about his journey thus far and his path to self-acceptance which has taken him further than ever before. 

To give a brief history about Chaz Cardigan’s rise till now, he started by releasing an album in 2017 and then garnered a wider audience in 2018 after each of his singles were picked up by the highly selective Spotify Editorial curators. For his first track of 2020, he puts heavy emphasis on each of his verses to detail a difficult part of his life and how it shaped him into what he is today. When watching the expertly crafted and layered music video, there’s an undeniable feeling of catharsis in seeing him come to terms with himself and defying the outside forces which made him feel boxed in. Make sure to view it for yourself and settle in for a wild ride. 




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