Caribou Breaks 5-year Hiatus with “Home” & Announces Spring Tour

The long-awaited follow up to Caribou’s hit album Our Love may be on its way and “Home” could be the first single. It’s been five long years since Dan Snaith, has graced our ears with his eclectic style and catchy tunes under his moniker Caribou, but it was well worth the wait. “Home(‘s)” foundation is a remix of Gloria Barnes’ song of the same name sped up and cut into pieces to make the hook the signature opening of the track, “Baby I’m home I’m home I’m home.”

‘Home’ shares some similarities to Caribou’s last outing but is almost a culmination of his last three albums, Our Love, Swim, and Andora. With its soulful sample you get a hint of Andora’s heavy 70s roots, Our Love’s sample-heavy tracks, and Swim’s electronic dance music. It seems like the next step in Caribou’s musical evolution, which has taken him from psychedelic rock to electronic music to synth-pop.

You can’t talk about this song without mentioning Snaith’s other moniker – Daphini – which is his DJ alter ego that was started in 2012. One can’t help but notice the turn in Caribou’s music once he began his journey into electronic music on Swim and his continuation of that with Daphini and Our Love. As LCD Soundsystem would say, “He turned his guitars in for turntables.” “Home” seems like a DJ sitting in the basement of his home turning nobs until he finds that right combination of samples to have a singer sing or a rapper rap.

Snaith’s classic falsetto plays nicely with the soul sample and orchestral arrangement, and the Asian styled guitar in the second verse and breakdown intertwines beautifully with the scattered samples. If this is any indication of what’s to come from Caribou’s next installment I am fully on board and anxiously await the next single.

Caribou has also announced a spring tour. Check out dates here.





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