Carl Cox Tasked With Remix Duties For deadmau5 and The Neptunes’ ‘Pomegranate’

The third and final remix of deadmau5 and The Neptunes’ ‘Pomegranate’ comes from none other than Carl Cox.

A veteran of acid house and a pioneer of British rave culture embedded deep within the fabric of electronic music history, the undisputed King of Ibiza reveals his upbeat re-imagination of ‘Pomegranate’.

It’s not everyday you see Carl Cox’s name on a track title. The legendary artist rarely releases productions so when he does, it’s extra special. However over the last few years, his output has increased.

Unsurprisingly coming in at over six minutes, Carl Cox’s mix brings new life into the track in the form of a techno instrumental that features a wild electro bass, drumtastic top line and sparkly synths keeping Pharrell’s dreamy vocal front and center throughout. The end result is a radio-friendly tough house vibe which will easily transfer to the world’s most renowned dancefloors when they eventually return.

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