Cash Cash Drops Touching Collaboration With Phoebe Ryan Titled ‘Ride or Die’

DJ/producers Cash Cash and vocalist Phoebe Ryan, two well-known titans in the global dance scene though in different lanes, have teamed up for an emotional vibe with loyalty-embracing themed lyrics. “Ride or Die,” from the title alone highlights a well-known cultural term broadly meaning: Are you committed to a friendship/relationship/group/experience sparingly or for life? Cash Cash and Phoebe Ryan have embedded this term as the name of the track and fused it with an enchanting love story. The single has all the characteristics of a hot dance-pop track that is going to permeate the public conciseness.

A fluttering and emotional chorus of Phoebe Ryan cruising at a mid-tempo pulse pairs naturally for the soft, but vivid synths delivered by Cash Cash. Subtle sonic queues indicate a drop is incoming glides through with grace, the sentimental vibes in place at that start of the track coming to a peak and opening up the soft spot in the heart as the drop hits.

Trio Cash Cash have had an adventurous and evolutionary journey in music through their career. In this spectrum includes starting out as an electro-pop-punk in the last 2000’s as a band, then a transitioning to DJ/producers with dozens of festivals and renowned club event performances under their belt today. Maintaining relevance and staying one step ahead in the music industry is no easy feat, yet they make it look easy and keep delivering without losing sight of the root essence that makes them, ‘them.’

Phoebe Ryan is one of the most well-recognized singers in the EDM universe. Like other big vocalist names in the dance/electronic scene, such as Laura Brehm, she has a very well-known brand which is massively difficult to capture given vocalist are one of the most saturated categories out there in popular musicianship today across all genres. Well-over 100 million plays credited to her through collaborations and solo singles, few can do it like Phoebe Ryan while staying original and authentic.





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