Cassian Sends Listeners to the Stratosphere with Release of Laps

The evolution of artists is always quite interesting to watch unfurl. In a way, it’s like watching a caterpillar go through its metamorphosis of chrysalis to a full-blown butterfly that soars effortlessly through the sky. For a select few, this process can take months, almost always sparked by a viral moment like Lil Nas X or Baauer. Usually, these viral cases spiral down to earth after only a few short months of buzz and disappear into the abyss. But for most artists, it takes hard work, dedication to their art and vision, and weaving together a connective wave that speaks to more and more people. This leads me to Cassian and his new release, “Laps”.

Many moons ago, whenever it was that I heard his remix of the Flight Facilities smash hit, “Crave You”, on SoundCloud, I have had a watchful gaze on Cassian. I even caught one of his first appearances in Los Angeles and telling my friends that we had to catch the unknown Aussie’s set because “it will be dope” and “Well worth it”, which it easily was.

Since then, he’s released a number of incendiary singles and remixes, opened for RÜFÜS DU SOL, appeared at Coachella and countless other festivals, and signed to the aforementioned’s label, Rose Avenue. It’s safe to say that Cassian has blossomed into a butterfly and is soaring.

Last week, he released “Laps”, another testament to his keen sense of artistry and dedication to his vision. It’s his fourth release under the RÜFÜS DU SOL backed label and is my favorite thus far. While his previous releases have more of a commercial appeal, which I have also enjoyed thoroughly, “Laps” takes us to a different plane. A sonic outer space so to speak.

The nearly 8-minute track builds and bubbles, teasing our senses into a state of euphoric enchantment. Each rumble of sound cascades over our bodies, sending little tingles shivering through our spines into our souls. It calls us to let go of our pains, anxieties, and melancholies, and submit to the joy of “Laps”. Some of us will dance with wild, flailing motions. Others will sway back and forth. While few of us will stand still, just letting the sound wash over us. No matter what we do, we will all be in a state of pure bliss.

All artists take time to become the true and honest version they seek. Cassian has found it and he’s ascending through the atmosphere, destined to bring warmth to the universe.

To stream “Laps” follow the link here or scroll down.

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