Cat Dealers and Flakke Satisfy Your Cravings with “Sweet Munchies”

Sitting at #48 on the DJMag Top100 list, Cat Dealers are without a doubt one of the biggest DJ’s in Brazil, playing at shows all around the globe including Ultra Music Festival and Rock in Rio
The duo has just released an astonishing new track with the Brazilian-wizard Flakke.

This isn’t the first time these guys have teamed up, in 2019 they released a song called “Apache” which got over 1.5 million streams on Spotify and got supported by most of the Brazilian DJ’s. With that successful release behind them, the hype for “Sweet Munchies” was absolutely insane in Brazil.

“Sweet Munchies” is the perfect blend of the two artists’ styles with a memorable sax top-line that together with a catchy fat bass will make everyone dance. In just a week, the song has amassed over 300 thousand plays without any signs of slowing down.

Cat Dealers are undoubtedly superstars that are constantly bringing new fans into the fold, but Flakke is also one of the most interesting DJ acts to listen to at the moment. Combining real instruments with flawless basslines and exotic percussive elements has proven to be something he does extremely effectively.

Listen to “Sweet Munchies” below:




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