Google Poised to Become the Next Major Player in Music Streaming Services

Google is quickly becoming a leader in the music streaming game, with YouTube Music and Google Play boasting 15 million total subscribers.

UK Based Nonprofit Takes On Mental Health In The Music Industry

Mental health is all too often treated as a taboo subject, especially in the music industry.  Mental health issues have hit the music world hard, with the recent loss of legends like Chester Bennington and Avicii to suicide.  To combat mental illnesses’s devastating affect on the industry, non-profit Help Musicians UK has launched a mental health helpline.

WMW Conference Highlights: Media Exposure in SEA

On day four of the Wired Music Week conference, a stellar panel of Jaqueline Raposo (Coconuts KL, Daniela Horanga (Art Xtreme Media), Ashley Caselle (MixMag), Joey G (Turn It Up), Marlina Azmi (Unreserved Media) and Jason Cheah (The Star) met to discuss “media content and exposure for electronic music”. 

WMW Conference Highlights: Allan Eshuijs (Vocal Kitchen) Shares Songwriting Secrets

In this talk, we heard from Allan Eshuijs, songwriting wiz-kid and prolific creator of copious hit songs (Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor, Lost Frequencies - Crazy).

WMW Conference Highlights: EDM Publications In Asia

There is, without doubt, an under-representation of EDM blogs in South East Asia. The question is: why? Perhaps, because investors and the regional market still view dance music as frivolous or a fad ... despite the fact that is has been around for nearly 30 years now.

WMW Conference Highlights: Melvin Van Der Waal (Head of Marketing & Creative, Moon Jelly Agency) Talks Social Strategy

Speaking on behalf of media and marketing agency Moon Jelly Agency, Melvin Van Der Waal, Moon Jelly’s ‘Head of Marketing & Creative’ joined us in the main room of Zouk to discuss “The Social Media X-Ray.”

WMW Conference Highlights: Hazel Savage (Musiio) Talks AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very likely to be a massive game changer for the music industry in the near future. Joining us in the main room of Zouk, Hazel Savage, founder, and CEO of tech company Musiio gave us the rundown on “The Next Big Thing In The Music Business: Artificial Intelligence.”

WMW Conference Highlights: RayRay Talks Gender And Advice

We were lucky enough to be joined by guest speaker and budding Taiwanese artist RayRay at the Wired Music Week conference! The conversation covered areas such as the experiences of being a female producer in today’s music industry landscape, as well as RayRay’s busy schedule and tips for up-and-coming DJs and producers.

WMW Conference Highlights: Michelle Leong

We live in a time of mass information exchange, with endless opportunities to stay at home and binge on platforms like Netflix.  With services like Uber Eats ready to deliver food straight to our doorstep, we as artists and promoters need to ask: what makes your event worth visiting?

Seth Rogen And Lonely Island Plan to Make Fyre Festival Spoof

Comedy-stars Seth Rogen and The Lonely Island are planning to create a spoof on the failed music event, Fyre Festival.