CAZZETTE Teams Up With Xander Rawlins On ‘A Day To Sing About’

CAZZETTE’s “A Day To Sing About,” is a bit of a shift from popular pop hits they’ve had in the past such as “Beam Me Up” and many others. This track embraces more minor chord progressions while featuring a low-pitched, seemingly Galantis-style vocal design. All things considered, everything still feels like a CAZZETTE release, the overall structure going on here is simply “them,” eventually leading into dotted synth notes and cheery melodies once the meat of the track begins to take shape.

The group is no stranger to well design tunes that simply win over electronic music fans and beyond, with 100 million streams to their name and having toured around the world, it’s no wonder the two, made up of Alexander Bj√∂rklund and Sebastian Furrer, are producing at this level that they are. Creative chemistry radiates between the two of them as their releases show.

The single is signed to label Day In Day Out, which is a division of Nordic-based label Cosmos Music. CAZZETTE recently sold their own Magnetic Tapes to this very company, cementing a greater partnership between the parties for the long term.

“A Day To Sing About,” is the next charming extension of what has been a ten year journey.




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