Son Of A Bishop and CAZZETTE team-up on a stunning new track

Courtesy of CAZZETTE’s Friday release, we’ve discovered a new artist and we. are. in. LOVE. New Music Friday Germany and Friday Cratediggers featured CAZZETTE’s surprise rework of “Love Left Me Lonely (Please Don’t Go),” the debut single from a new, and exceptionally promising, solo singer called Son of a Bishop. CAZZETTE has built a gorgeous house track here, but it’s Son of a Bishop’s vocals that steal the show. Dripping with soul, he croons heartfelt lyrics that seem to both ache with hope and revel in the pain of romantic self-discovery. Oh, and we just can’t get enough of that absolutely _killer_ falsetto.

>This is our first taste of the mysterious Son of a Bishop, but “Love Left Me Lonely” is a soul-nourishing morsel indeed. What we do know is that Son of a Bishop has previously provided supporting vocals for an all-star lineup of A-list acts: Sam Smith, Lauryn Hill, Pharrell, Chance the Rapper, and many more. We’re definitely eager to hear whatever Son of a Bishop has for us next. Until then, we wait, hearts open, and maybe wipe away a tear after another listen




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