Chae Drop’s ‘Make You’ As She Pivots To Solo Career After Success In Dance Music

Well-traveled and raised in multi-cultural atmosphere, Chae brings a differentiated energy to the the table. “Make You,” embodies these aspects and lets her vision shine in connection to the artist she wants wanted to be known for. The single boasts a life music feel – strummed guitar with soul and light drum work acting as a backdrop to an r&b topline that feels orderly, yet improvised all in the same go. Inspiring and upbeat as it is charming and sensual, there’s much that chae has to offer.

“Make You,” is the lead single from her upcoming June 24th EP, Letters I’ll Never Write. Chae has had repeated success in the dance music space. From releases on Monstercat to collaborations with artists like yetep – she’s been around the block when it comes to music industry experience. Now she’s pouring in all of her practice and skill into a project that truly represents here, “Make You,” symbolizing a big first step toward an epic saga in her artistic life story.

“‘Make You’ evidently taught me that being raw, uncut, and oversharing oneself isn’t a weakness. I had been carrying inside of me a cruel expectation; that being a woman of worth meant forcing the ability to contain pain well and yet also maintain complete composure at the same time.

But grief is weird. One moment you’re pumped up with hope – manifesting future scenarios, and the next you’re cussing at the top of your voice and drowning in the ‘what if’s’.

This song captures that humanity. It makes you confront both these stages, both sides that are very human, beautifully fragile, and unapologetically real.”
– Chae

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