The Chainsmokers Drop ‘Kills You Slowly’ With Powerful Lyrics + Uplifting Beat

According to Drew and Alex, ‘Kills You Slowly‘ is ”one of our favorite songs we have ever made… ever!” You can feel it in the track, the powerful lyrics really push the song further and that shows with over 5 million streams in under a week.

‘Kills You Slowly‘ embraces The Chainsmokers more indie sound, with no big drops and much more of a focus on the vocals. The instrumental is just support for Drew’s vocals. This has all the ingredients of a commercial hit and partners their collaboration with 5 Seconds of Summer ‘Who Do You Love‘ perfectly.

The Chainsmokers embark on their ‘World Way Joy‘ tour across North America from September 25th to December 6th. They’ll be accompanied by Lennon Stella as well as recent collaborators 5 Seconds of Summer.




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