Channel Tres drops “Weedman”, the Freshest Sound of the Week

The man with the low-rumbling voice and the crunchiest of beats makes his triumphant return with “Weedman”. Channel Tres has been one of the most exciting artists over the last two years. He has a golden voice that it’s easy to hear why he’s drawn comparisons to George Clinton and Isaac Hayes. To be fair to Channel, he has brought a cool, billowing breeze to a music scene that is often caught chasing fads or big data, which is partially why the comparisons make sense. However, he is much more than someone with a baritone voice. His artistry extends far beyond and “Weedman” continues that richness of good vibes.

The Compton-native has a knack for creating music that sits at a unique intersection of musical genres and styles. It could be dubbed g-funk, but that’s disingenuous and undersells the originality. It’s not quite dance-specific, but there are elements of house. It’s not quite hip-hop, but it has a bit of that rawness and lyricism. It’s not quite funk, but it does have that rhythmic “pop” that drives feet to move. It’s distinctly the idiosyncratic sonic turbulence of Channel Tres.

“Weedman” creates a party for the mind, body, and soul. On the surface, it’s playful, energetic, and jovial entrancing the body. Behind the overt fun nature of having to chase down a drug-dealer, is a deeper meaning and message for the mind and soul. While dispensaries become commonplace and marijuana decriminalization continues to sweep across the nation, prejudices and discrimination continue to be hurled at black men and women, often wrapped in a blanket of presumed drug abuse and crime. Many of those who suffered these microcosms during the War On Drugs, still rot behind bars and wait for the presumed absolution of these crimes. It’s the brilliance of Channel to shine a light on these issues in such a way that can resonate with the masses. He’s an artist that knows who he is and what his art’s purpose is.

In conjunction with the release, we were blessed with the most fitting music video. Directed by Anthony Sylvester, who was CULTR’s debut Behind The Lens interviewee, the video utilizes 8mm film and a charming period-specific house. Popcorn ceilings, wood paneling, and even an Atari create an old school, 70s atmosphere and aesthetic that is perfect for the “Weedman” sound and narrative. Channel conjures his inner Eddie Murphy and Tyler Perry, to perform multiple characters to add an extra layer of pazazz. He also choreographed the dance sequences, setting the stage for him to join the ranks of multi-hyphenates.

“Weedman” marks the first release under Channel’s own label, Art For Their Good. It’s the freshest sound of the week and is well worth the stream or music video view, which can be done by scrolling down. Or you can follow the link here to choose your preferred service.




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