CharlestheFirst Continues To Break Boundaries with Full Album Release “SOLUS”

CharlestheFirst has become an increasingly alluring figure and coveted tastemaker since first emerging in 2014. The Lake Tahoe-born producer grew up heavily inspired by the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which has led to a naturalist ethos in both his art and storytelling. His style is influenced by hip-hop production and songwriting, which coalesce seamlessly into lush and experimental electronic composition. Aided by use of field recorders that capture the sounds of nature, CharlestheFirst’s psychedelia-veiled project invites a fully immersive experience for all listeners with the release of “SOLUS.”

Solus contains 13 tracks, including an interlude (“Searching”), and features three collaborators in Tsuruda, kLL sMTH, and fellow Lab Group-member, Potions. His reflective wordplay is accented often by a coalescing of percussive elements and nature sound cache, which add to this sense of reflection and awe that make the producer’s catalogue so wondrous among listeners. Charles has once again crafted a sublime listening experience, and unveiled his latest evolution in both a personal and creative sense. With his acclaim on the rise and name firmly in the spotlight, CharlestheFirst has delivered a unique, provoking body of work with Solus.

“The meaning of Solus to me is a journey alone. It’s a pilgrimage of sorts to homebase; a resetting of it all.” 

“I feel that this album stands alone in my discography because of how much I dove into its creation. I really lived it and loved the process. So many important changes happened to me over the course of it being written.” – Charlesthefirst





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