Charlesthefirst Returns With Immersive New Single “Out Of The Dark”

After its first appearance in 2014, CharlestheFirst (the real name Charles Ingalls) has become an increasingly appealing and successful tastemaker. The creator grew up deeply influenced by the mountains of Sierra Nevada, which has contributed both to a naturalist mindset in its work and in its culture. His style is inspired by the development and writing of hip-hop, which effortlessly coalesce into luxurious and experimental electronic composition. Using field recorders which catch the sounds of nature, the psychedelia-veiled project of CharlestheFirst invites all listeners to a truly immersive experience.

The acclaimed storyteller CharlestheFirst reunites with listeners via “Out of the Dark,” a psychedelic, genre-spanning adventure through sound. The single is his first release since last October’s No Dimmer EP, and instantly reanimates excitement for his evolving, innovative approach to production. This preview also sets the stage for his forthcoming LP, Solus, due out in early 2021.

“‘Out of the Dark’ is my story of light peeking through pure darkness. This track’s creation made me realize the impending actualization of “Solus” and set the tone for the whole record.” – Charlesthefirst





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