Charli XCX Brings You To Her World With New Album “Charli”

Pop music over the years has found beauty in formulaic vocal hooks and trendy compositions. The genre itself has remained consistent in finding what’s new and exploiting it to hell. Constantly shifting in sounds, the radio has always echoed whatever generic trends are hot in current pop culture.

That is simply not the case for Charli XCX. The pop-queen herself is a mainstay when it comes to trendsetting and her music does all the talking. Her style simply blends a diverse sound set from various influences. Whether its an 80’s synth-pop anthem, a 90’s dance ballad or even putting us onto something we’ve never heard before, her determination to be different is something well-deserving of her recent success. As she continues to inspire a new generation, her latest album “Charli” has sent music critics in a frenzy.

The 15-track project has a lot to offer. Continuing where Charli left off in “Pop 2,” this album solidifies her status as one of the most intriguing pop artists we’ve had in the last decade. With this LP, you get the best of both worlds here. Whether you’re looking for a catchy tune to sing in the car to, or looking for bubbly sound design, unorthodox song structure, and incredible vocal processing then you’re in luck. This record is wildly fascinating from a musical standpoint alone. It offers untraditional compositions and Charli makes it work so effortlessly with her infectious toplines.

To further push this movement she’s created, “Charli” is a project that comes with many cameos. Featuring an exciting list of artists from Troye Sivan, HAIM, Christine And The Queens, cupcakKe, Clairo, Yaeji, and more – this album does a great job of accommodating these talents without sacrificing the album’s mantra. Borrowing the vocal prowesses of artists from vastly different genres and styles, Charli XCX simply brings them to her world and shows listeners how versatile her productions can stretch to. Being different has never sounded so good and that’s all thanks for this singer/songwriter from the future.





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