Charmaine Makes Her Presence Known with New Single “Woo!”

Born in Zimbabwe, Charmaine and her family immigrated to North America in search of a better life that led to multiple stops in the US before finally settling in Toronto, Canada where she now calls home. Out of her tough upbringing was birthed survival, a hard work ethic that led to a confident rapper with all the accompanying strut and swagger, and a brilliant R&B vocalist able to deliver a heart-stopping ballad.

All culminating to the present day, Charmaine is set to meet all expectations with her next fired-up single ‘Woo!’. Full of unwavering confidence and with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the Toronto-based newcomer has taken thorough notes on the old-school hip-hop style bringing in heavy bars and playful beats that instantly make you want to get up and dance. More than a good-time track, ‘Woo!’ is all about claiming one’s own sexual power as a woman.

“I had an amazing time making this record and I want the world to feel how I felt in that moment. Free, eager, happy and ready to turn it up! This pandemic has removed the opportunity to be able to go out and have a fun night. Hopefully, this record will fill a bit of that void!” – Charmaine


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