Checo Releases Catchy Deep House Single ‘Pala Santo’ Single Featuring The Magic Mullet

Bursting with color and personality, Checo unveils his collaboration with The Magic Mullet titled “Pala Santo.” The single is rich and vibrant, the deep house instrumental and piano house influence support a moving vocal thanks to The Magic Mullet. The release is all around easy-listening and fit for a variety of activities. Whether you are chilling at the beach, cruising in the car, or hanging at a house party, this tune would simply improve the moment.

“The world feels crazier and crazier every day and music continues to be a momentary escape for so many. And even though music is limitless in the feelings it can provoke, sometimes I just want to keep it simple and feel good – which is what Palo Santo is really about – nothing complex, just a song to make people feel good at any moment wherever they are.”
– Checho

Checo is Miami based and was raised in New Hampshire. Guitar and writing was his forte in his younger days, yet it was sports that dominated his life during these times. After a year of Division 1 basketball in NYC, he decided to go all in on music. Dance and house music is where his passions lie, “Pala Sano,” embodying both of these elements. Checo plans to be involved in more NFT projects down the line himself, as well as more performances and music currently in the works. You will be able to catch him palying shows north east and east coast soon – check his social media channels for dates.

The Magic Mullet got his start in the Web 3 /NFT space as apart of the Doodle’s NFT group. Keeping his identity not very public, his mysteriousness is heightened by this anonymity and prevalence in the tech space – a unique trait all things considered. After creating the theme song for the Doodle NFT community and receiving positive feedback with it, The Magic Mullet continues to spread his wings musically and see where the journey takes him.




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