Chomper Drops Elating 2-Track House-Infused ‘Check It’ Ep On Pharaoh Phonix

Rising Milwaukee artist known as Chomper is coming out of the woodwork production-wise. The solo DJ – now focusing more on the production side – has revealed his 2 track EP titled Check It. The album consists of 2 songs, “Check It,” and “Peekaboo,” both of which share infectious house tunes oozing with energy. “Check It,” shows off it’s qualities with more of a technical angle, bringing well-placed baselines alongside a catchy drum section, this opening track shifts the mood to a club-friendly aura that’s on point. “Peekaboo,” – in collaboration with Thomas Xavier – builds in more of a classic house angle while capturing what makes both of these artists great. Not overwhelming the senses with intensity, nor going so minimal one’s attention can drift off, an equilibrium is in place through and through.

Thomas Xavier is the founder of label Pharaoh Phonix, which Chomper is the first artist to release on besides himself. To celebrate Xavier’s launch of this new venture, he’s hosting an event titled ‘Fetish,’ which will be held at The Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee on April 8th. Tickets for the event can be found here.

Between this release, the upcoming event, and this label stretching it’s legs, many parties are getting out of their comfort zone sure to reap the benefits of working smart and trying something new.

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