Chris Lake Brings ‘I Remember’ To Astralwerks For Debut Release With Label

Chris Lake’s “I Remember” marks the first release with Astralwerks and is quite the record to begin what will surely be a fortuitous relationship. His move also brings his own label — Black Book — under the Universal umbrella. With the move, the tech-house and the underground wave of punchy sound design and provocative sample usage is entering a new era, and leading the charge will be Chris Lake and Astralwerks.

Incendiary and soulful, “I Remember” includes a re-imagining of the indelible vocal line from the Ralphi Rosario-penned 1987 house classic “You Used to Hold Me”. The sample serves as the call-to-action and dutifully draws in listeners to enter the sonic plane of Chris Lake. Once there, the hyperactive ferocity of his sound design takes hold and barrels listeners through each turn and twist of sonic-imagery. Often times, tech-house styled tracks have a bite of whimsy, which Mr. Lake himself has dived into. However, “I Remember” has an aggressive, in your face style with darker penetrative undertones that culminate in a mind-bending sound destined to send scores to the dancefloor glistening with glee.

One thing that may go unnoticed with his Astralwerks deal is the newfound ability to clear and utilize samples. With the backing of Astralwerks parent label, Universal and their publishing arm, Chris has the power to unveil a litany of boisterous tracks with inventive sample design. It will also allow him to usher in creative new artists on Black Book who may not have the resources to clear their works, while further cementing his influence on dance music and the entire music sphere. One thing I’m hopeful for is that we’ll finally get tracks from his live sets with the tough to clear samples.

“I Remember” is the English-artists first release with Astralwerks and first since “Free Your Body” with Solardo. Similar to “Free Your Body”, “I Remember” is primed and ready to induce riots on dancefloors across the globe, once we’re able to celebrate together. In the meantime, you can stream “I Remember” by following the link here or scrolling down.





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