Chris Lake Releases Fire New House Anthem ‘In The Yuma’ with Aatig

Inspired by his performance in the Yuma tent at Coachella 2019, Lake created the song live on Twitch during a production session for Amazon Music. The GRAMMY nominated, chart-topping producer calls ‘In The Yuma’ “the best thing I did in the pandemic.”

“The pandemic was a shitty time but great things came from it,” recalls Chris Lake. “It was great to be doing music whilst being live on Twitch in 2020 and one of the best memories I have from that time is making this track. When I finally got around to testing it out live (over a year later) I couldn’t believe how well it worked. I’ve been playing it ever since.”

Aatig’s powerful vocals combined with Lake’s thunderous production ignite the track. It has been a while since Chris Lake has disappointed with house music and that doesn’t start today. ‘In The Yuma’ brings the ultimate groove, which is sure to be heard throughout many many house sets.




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