Benny Benassi Gives Galantis Blessing On Remix Of Classic Electronic Release “Cinema”

Galantis is at the head of a eye-catching music release, capturing an aura of nostalgia, surprise, and new sound all in one go. Benny Benassi’s, “Cinema,” a 2011 smash hit, captures the spirit of a generation.

The single was iconically remixed by Skrillex, who flipped an already edgy trendy single into a phenomenally must-have banger. The Skrillex remix would thus be downloaded by hundreds of millions, would permeate the EDM festival circuit at the time, and bring audiences of dubstep and mainstream electronic together in a transformational way.

The remix, “Cinema (Skrillex Remix),” then went on to win a Grammy.

Now, Galantis has put their spin on the single, delivering a squeaky-clean production and channeling nostalgic tingles just from their choice of song alone. The remix gives fans a whole new perspective to appreciate.

“I love this remix! I love Galantis and I was really thrilled when they wanted to do it. Their remix is extremely fresh and I’m truly excited about Cinema getting a new lease of life!”

– Benny Benassi

Signed to Ultra Records, this feel-good facelift boasts plenty of new features while triggering the memories of a wide global audience.




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