Hear Claud VonStroke & Shadow Child’s Epic Collab In ‘Steel Thing’

Claude VonStroke and Shadow Child’s anticipated collaboration is officially here, known as “Steel Thing.”

“Steel Thing” marks a milestone in Dirtybird’s evolution and celebrates their roots while looking towards the future. Claude VonStroke, as the head of Dirtybird Records, is known for discovering and promoting diverse talents in the underground dance music scene.

Shadow Child’s debut track “String Thing” was released in 2012 and gained support from influential DJs. Now, Shadow Child expresses excitement about working with Claude VonStroke on this new collaboration, believing the track has the power to create a memorable experience.

“Steel Thing” is an eccentric and captivating house track inspired by Shadow Child’s “String Thing.” The collaboration originally started as a celebration of Shadow Child’s 10th anniversary with Dirtybird but evolved into a full-fledged joint project.

Claude VonStroke and Shadow Child’s joint effort has resulted in the creation of what will be a beloved tune, which will be released via Dirtybird Records. Be sure to tune in and experience this exciting blend of talent and sound that showcases the dynamic spirit of Dirtybird’s music.




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