cln Lets It All Out With Drops Emotionally Vulnerable Single “Change My Mind”

With the fifth and final single from his upcoming album, “xoxo”, Australian electronic visionary cln pours his heart into his music once again. The track, titled “Change My Mind,” is very slow, with a beat that has a clear lo-fi influence. A more simple track than his previous works, cln uses minimalistic production to lay bare his expressive vocals.

“I waited for the signs you would change my mind, waiting to unwind,” sings cln. According to the artist, singing was a way to push himself out of his comfort zone: “When I’m using my own voice, I tend to prefer to hide it with a bunch of effects and chops, particularly in choruses. This time, I tried to fight the urge to cover it up.” This bold choice has ultimately paid off for the young artist; the end result was a song that stands out for its unique emotional real-ness.

Stream “Change My Mind” Here:




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