COFRESI Builds Hype For Upcoming EP, ‘AGENDA’, By Unveiling Its Lead Single, ‘I’M NOT’

In today’s spectrum of electronic music, the artists that stand out are the same ones that take risks and bring something that’s never been heard before to listeners. Hailing from Chicago, the multi-skilled DJ and producer COFRESI is the epitome of breaking the mold across EDM. Also a gifted instrumentalist, COFRESI has gained a dedicated following who cherish his experimental live-digital hybrid sets, where electronic components and his percussion-based abilities collide.

Refusing to slow down his efforts in turning artistic vision into reality, COFRESI is kicking off 2023 with his single, “I’M NOT”. Sharing the deeper meaning within “I’M NOT”, COFRESI says, “At its core, this song encapsulates the dichotomy of struggle amidst the beauty in life. It provides a breath of fresh air in contrast to the madness of the world and our lives at times. In a way, I made this tune so that people can either resonate with the positive aspects & melodies or dive into the deeper context and meanings of the song.”

“I’M NOT” is an aesthetic adventure through the imaginative mind of COFRESI. He uses mesmerizing synths and a diverse selection of instruments and tones to keep his audience on the edge of their seats. Powered by ethereal vocal echoes, “I’M NOT” is an enticing look into COFRESI’s upcoming EP, AGENDA, which is set to be released on April 6th.




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