Kleak & Veebu Show Off Vibing Dance-Pop Single ‘Come & Go’

Sharing yet another release in conjunction with Frequency Music, duo Kleak & Veebu have revealed their anticipated single titled “Come & Go.” The track is just a taste of what will be on their debut EP, set to drop later on in the year. On the production side, “Come & Go,” is unequivocally ripe with positive vibes and vivid imagination. A head-spinning amount of traditional instrumentation complete with just the right amount of electronic effects weave in and out to provide something that is as alluring as it is captivating. Considering this, the energy on this track wouldn’t be complete without the vocal work of Noa Angell. The timbre of the voice along with the hooks crafted at just the right moments channel an impeccable atmosphere that surely makes those smile who take the time to listen.

Sun-kissed, dance-pop oriented, and all-around charming, this collaboration between Kleak & Veebu and Noa Angell is elating in all the right ways. Kleak & Veebu are a dynamic duo to say the least, with an electronic style that ranges between deep house to future house, the Italian based duo have caught the eye of huge labels with a world-renowned reputation. Proximity, Chill Your Mind, Strange Fruits, and other have all tapped these two for label signings and deeper partnerships. Knowing how to clock in all the right tics and triggers that sync up with their cohesive style, Kleak & Veebu are a force to be reckoned with.

Noa Angell is a singer-songwriter with a diverse background, which undoubtedly plays a positive advantage in the music she makes. Her ethnicity being Eurasian Dutch-Indonesian and her musical influences being r&b, soul and jazz, the vast life experience pours out into the music she makes. Moving around the world and growing up in both Europe and Asia, she knows what it takes to bridge cultural gaps and make music with global appeal. Today, she is attending Berklee College of Music on 2 scholarships and clearly has an innate, life-long partnership with the spirit of music. 2020 saw 3 songs released from Nao and now an upcoming EP is set to drop soon.





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