Craig J. Snider Launches Goldfingers Music with Debut Release ‘Pressure’ ft. Jay Fankhauser

Composer, producer, remixer, songwriter, and celebrity music critic Craig J. Snider, known for his many talents, is launching Goldfingers Music, an new record label with plenty of potential. Teaming up with Vydia Inc., a groundbreaking music tech company, Snider aims to empower emerging artists and unveil captivating, epic music for the masses.

With a distinguished piano and composition degree from Northwestern University, Snider has collaborated with a diverse range of illustrious figures, from David Cassidy to Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. His remixes have impressively dominated Billboard’s dance charts with over 40 #1 hits.

As the co-founder of Mix Kitchen, a revered production studio, Snider has artfully crafted scores for television, film, and commercials. Brace yourself for the upcoming May 19 release of Goldfingers Music’s debut track, “Pressure,” featuring the remarkable Jay Fankhauser.

Thanks to Vydia Inc., Goldfingers Music will effortlessly provide essential audio and video supply chain services, global distribution, meticulous analytics, and rights management, securing its promising future. Craig J. Snider keeps busy and “Pressure” is symbolic to this sentiment.




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