Crankdat + void(0) Deliver a “Poppin!” Collab

Whisking you away to a dystopian land of technological destruction, Crankdat and the mysterious void(0) have teamed up to unleash two Poppin! neck-breaking bangers. Consisting of the original and its VIP equivalent, Poppin! is the Kannibalen Records debut of both producers – and boy, does it make a splash!

The original “Poppin'” single begins with a 3-2-1- countdown before major destruction is ensued. Sore necks are guaranteed as a fast and whomping bass continuously makes its way down the dark, beaten road, taking no prisoners. As the track comes to its conclusion, the machinery powers down, sparing everyone for the time being. The VIP of the track sets a different stage and offers a slower, groovier counterpart that strolls more down the wonky lane. However, it is not without the original’s signature robotic and industrial musical themes.





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