The Two Fake Blondes Enlist yabe To Recreate ‘Crash’

Having released the album Out Of The Darkness and achieved plenty of success around it along the way, The Two Fake Blondes are working with talented producers to continue creating on-point remixes of their works, allowing the spirit of the album to continue forward as well. “Crash,” has gotten some love from yabe, a guy who knows his house music and able to merge his style and that of The Two Fake Blondes in a way that works.

yabe has made 2 versions of the track, the ‘deep mix,’ rendering some particularly awesome results. The single is elongated and eased, the various parts being introduced to the listener through phases, with the peak of the experience found about mid-way through, yabe isn’t shy about cutting up the vocal to spice things up, which is exactly what he’s done here. The remix maintains the spirit of the original while adding a whole new flair to the mix.

“I really enjoyed getting to work on ‘Crash’. I started with taking bits of the keys from the original and shaping some cadences that started communicating with one another, then I built a deep house groove underneath the cadences. I was really pleased with how the bass turned out. One of the richest synths I’ve built to date and really fills out the bottom. Hannah’s voice was so fun to mix. Such a gifted singer!!! She rips it!”
– yabé




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