CRAY Shares Her Favorite Video Games Of All-Time

Though her music does all the talking it needs to, CRAY is someone who isn’t shy to reveal all facets of her life.

Fresh off the release of her latest EP “Seasons Change and So Do I,” the project presents a pool of self-reflection and expression. Cultivating everything her careers built up to, these 7 songs manage to tell a story that can wrench the heart.

When she isn’t pouring her heart into music, you can find the artist streaming and continuously interacting with her fans through online gaming.

Using her Twitch Livestream following to test out DJ sets and build a community of gaming enthusiasts, the multi-talented CRAY activated an ever-growing fanbase, racking up millions of streams.

To further dive into her passion for gaming and all that comes with it, we count down her favorite games of all-time!

Fallout 3

Certain games are there for you when you need it most. During a rough time in my childhood the fallout series helped me, being an RPG I got lost in the world. Fell in love with old music and the concept of an apocalyptic world.

Super Mario Sunshine

“When I first got my GameCube when I was a wee child this game stuck with me, I replay it every year!”

Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door

“This was the first puzzle Mario game that sucked me in. Huge storyline just had me obsessed immediately.”

The Last Of Us

“Obviously. Cried my eyes out haha. Saved up to buy a ps4 just for this game. Incredible storyline.”

Red Dead Redemption

“I am a sucker for RPG’s, especially after Fallout. So a Western open world was right up my ally.”

Zelda: Breath of The Wild

“Huge fan of Zelda so, of course, I got this game the day it came out on Switch and didn’t put it down. Beautifully done, awesome story, big game. Loved it.”

Golden Eye 007

“The first game I ever played on N64 and my dad basically made me watch every James Bond growing up so I was already a fan.”


“Clearly I love open world role play so Skyrim is another easy sell. I was always a Wood elf (my love for lord of the rings came into play here lol)”

Resident Evil

“Huge horror fan, these games were the first horror series I’ve ever played! And I love the new ones too.”

Honorable mentions include: Tony Hawk Pro Skater, GTA, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Galaxy, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


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