Cristina Soto Revisits Tritonal’s “Still With Me” with An Acoustic Mix

Cristina Soto, based in Austin, TX, is a cross-genre vocalist, noted primarily for her work in EDM. She is trained in dance, jazz, musical theater, and singing of the church, and plays many instruments. Cristina’s ethereal tones and heady lyrics played an instrumental role in bringing melodic, yet progressive trance to the forefront of the dance music scene as the original vocalist for power duo Tritonal.

Famous for her work on Tritonal’s “Still With Me,” the highly praised vocalist now revisits the track to deliver a soothing acoustic rendition. The acoustic mix draws from Seven Lions’ moving remix vibes, while taking on a very own form through the accessible and awesome instruments breathing new life into the record. The acoustic rendition incorporates all essences: calming down and being with the people you love, as well as the melodic, EDM iterations’ intensity and fall.


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