Crooked Colours Release Hit Filled Album ‘Tomorrows’

Crooked Colours drop their latest LP Tomorrows. As stated in the headline, from track 1 to 13, it’s hits galore. From ‘Love Language’ to ‘No Sleep’, Crooked Colours have really created magic here.

The 13-track album presents a sense of reflection on the trying times of the past few years, while also establishing optimism for what is to come. Solidifying their position as one of the world’s hottest electronic acts, ‘Tomorrows’ fuses delicate acoustic instrumentation, evocative vocals, upbeat lyricism, and dancefloor-ready synth transmissions to create a dynamic, shape-shifting sound all of their own. 

The trio went on to explain the album’s premise while touching on the creative process, saying “The title track ‘Tomorrows’ and the songs we ended up collating for this record are a reflection of us as a group, coming to terms with how much the landscape had changed. We realised how hard we had been pushing ourselves in pursuit of tomorrow’s success without taking a moment to appreciate how far we had come. We also didn’t want to dwell on the hand we had been dealt and try to include a message of hope into these songs. As much as ‘Tomorrows’ is a statement on what had been driving us in the past it is also us saying that we are looking forward to what is coming in the future and moving past this difficult period in our lives. From a personal level, we have grown a lot while writing this record and we couldn’t be more proud of what we have created. Musicians, creatives and everyone have been through a lot over the past three years. This album is to let all of our fans, friends and family who have helped us know that we are still here, we are fighting and we are really looking forward to what’s coming tomorrow.”

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