Crystal Water ‘2B LUV Part 3’ Features Flips From David Morales, Todd Terry, & David Anthony

Known as the Queen Of House Music, the living legend known as Crystal Waters continues to have impact that can be felt throughout the electronic music scene since becoming globally recognized in 1991.

She’s now revealing a 3rd installment of remixes, transforming the song “2B LUV” into different vibes, thanks to what David Morales, Todd Terry, and David Anthony have brought to the table.

I feel so blessed and thankful. These guys are the best in the business. It’s a dream come true.” 
Crystal Waters

David Morales juices the experience up with a level of sophistication incorporated into this remix. The piano and bass elements enriching the core experience that is at hand here. Todd Terry gets the blood pumping with unique synth aspects and smooth percussion work. David Anthony flexes his skill with a club-feel embedded – the classic-nature of what he’s produced being easily felt and communicated.

Crystal Waters knows what she’s doing no matter how much time passes, this latest blast of remixes is a stark example to this testament.

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