CULTR’s 22 Favourite Electronic Tracks Of 2022

2022 has seen some incredible music and with that, we select our top 22 songs of 2022. There is no way to really subjectively measure music, so this may not be the best music but it’s a list of our favourites. There are songs that have done a lot better, in both a critical and statistical manner. While artists may have had several stand-out records throughout the year, it’s been limited to one per artist on this list. There is no order, so dig in below and potentially find your new favourite record! Congrats to all that made both the list and honourable mentions, you created some stunning music.

Kx5 (deadmau5 & Kaskade) feat. Hayla – Escape

One of the best things to happen to dance music was the reunion between deadmau5 and Kaskade under their new Kx5 alias. Their debut single was ‘Escape’, a mesmerising melodic masterpiece. The single takes listeners back to 2009, to their single ‘I Remember’ – something listeners have been craving and clearly so, as ‘Escape’ sits at 50 million streams on Spotify since its March release. With an album on the horizon and several excellent follow-up singles, Kx5 and definitely one of the hottest acts at the moment.

Flume feat. Oklou – Highest Building

Flume released his great album Palaces and with that, one of the better singles ‘Highest Building’ together with Oklou. The vibrant production shines via its euphoric sound design and incredible vocal. The atmospheric break exhibits just how good Flume is.

Martin Garrix & Zedd – Follow

A collab of dance music titans came out in March when Garrix and Zedd finally linked for ‘Follow’. Perfectly incorporating both artists’ sounds, the gritty and electrifying collaborative effort is simply awesome. Featuring the vocals of superstar writer Emily Warren, the track is a treat at both the festival and via Spotify.

Golden Features feat. Rromarin – Touch

Golden Features kicked off the rollout of his new album this year and with that, some sensational singles. ‘Touch’ marks Golden Features’ first solo single since 2018. The track features Golden Features’ unique sound but with fresh 2023 updates that certainly make for a stand-out production of 2022. The first taste of GF has been incredible, making us very excited about the album.

Kygo – Freeze (John Summit Remix)

John Summit’s remix of Kygo was certainly a surprise. It’s far from Summit’s most popular track, but this one felt different and was one that was always on repeat. The way Summit’s new elements blend with the original vocal make for a subtle yet standout remix of 2022. John Summit had a killer year and was always going to have a record of his included here.

Supermode – Tell Me Why (MEDUZA Remix)

MEDUZA mustered up the courage to touch a classic, when they took on remix duties for ‘Tell Me Why’ by Supermode aka Steve Angello and Axwell. The Italian trio build on the classic melody and vocal with their groovy house style that results in something that is sure to have appeared in countless DJ sets. MEDUZA’s sound is a faultless match with the original elements.

Alesso & Sentinel – Only You

Alesso linked with talented Australian trio Sentinel for the incredible record that is ‘Only You’. The melodic progressive wonder has to be one of the best to come from the genre in some time. The acts have made incredible music separately, so coming together could make nothing but brilliance.

Fred again.. feat. Delilah Montagu – Delilah (pull me out of this)

Where do you start with Fred again..? The UK artist has had a monster of the year, certainly being a stand-out within the industry. He dropped his latest album Actual Life 3 (January 1 – September 9 2022) and before that a collaboration with Swedish House Mafia. Appearing on the album is ‘Delilah’, a bouncy and energetic piece that seems to be performing best from the album, aligning with its reaction at his live shows.

Swedish House Mafia feat. Seinabo Sey – Don’t Go Mad

Another amazing thing to happen in 2022 was the release of Swedish House Mafia’s Paradise Again album. One of the stand-out singles was ‘Don’t Go Mad’ together with Seinabo Sey. The track encompasses a groovy house feel to it, reminiscent of the Swede’s earlier works. The lead and vocal work intertwining perfectly creates such a feel-good reaction.

Codeko – Trust Fall

An underrated and surprising one for sure. Codeko had an amazing year, releasing some exceptional music and his best; ‘Trust Fall’. Uk native Codeko landed on UK label Enhanced for a number of singles this year. ‘Trust Fall’ was one of many good ones thanks to its catchy vocal and melody. The piano-focused anthem is a mix of classic EDM and a new vibrant feel, if Codeko releases music of the same quality in 2023, he deserves a real shot at the big leagues.

Salvatore Ganacci & Buy Now (Sebastian Ingrosso & Steve Angello) – Let You Do This

Following their album earlier in the year, two of the Swedish House Mafia return to their dormant Buy Now alias for ‘Let You Do This’, alongside Salvatore Ganacci. The catchy vocal is overlaid on a funky disco house beat that might not work at a festival, but is certainly a killer record and unquestionably rivals the best of the Swede’s album.

Aluna, Diplo & Durante – Forget About Me 

Since the first play, Aluna, Diplo and Durante’s ‘Forget About Me’ shines via its stand-out vocal and subtle but impactful instrumental. Durante’s melodic gift is definitely felt throughout the production, whilst Diplo and Aluna give it a more commercial impact to hit the masses.

Dom Dolla feat. Clementine Douglas – Miracle Maker (Ejeca Remix)

Dom Dolla created some epic releases this year and the best that came from camp Dolla was the Ejeca remix of ‘Miracle Maker’. The progressive take on the house record has a terrific melody and notable sound design. Ejeca incorporates an older house vibe that seems to be thriving at the moment. Dom Dolla’s original was a hit by itself, combined with Ejeca’s prowess – it’s unbeatable.

Jan Blomqvist – Back In The Taxi (AMÉMÉ Midnight Remix)

AMÉMÉ takes on Jan Blomqvist’s 2016 record ‘Back In The Taxi’. Keeping the great vocal and certain elements from the original, AMÉMÉ creates an electrifying progressive techno heater. While the new mix may not be for everyone, for melodic techno fans, this has to be one of the highlights of the year.

Will Sparks – HARD

Having been played by Hardwell throughout the year and a highlight in Will Sparks’ own sets, ‘HARD’ is certainly one of the better club drops of the year. Will Sparks reignited his sound with his electrifying big room techno vibe that has seen a rise in 2022, with help from Hardwell and Maddix. There is no way the crowd stays still when Will Sparks plays ‘HARD’.

Bicep feat. Clara La San – Water

Bicep link with Clara La San for ‘Water’, a melodic electronic offering. The mix of stunning sound design and melodies means for a terrific record that is another all-timer from Bicep, following their sensational previous works.

D.O.D feat. Carla Monroe – Still Sleepless (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)

D.O.D and Carla Monroe’s ‘Still Sleepless’ was definitely one of the highlights from last year. New Zealand drum and bass duo Ekko & Sidetrack took it up a notch with their spin on it. They have not done a lot to the original record, keeping the catchy piano and vocal intact whilst injecting a fire drum and bass backing. Whilst it’s Ekko & Sidetrack’s new mix, D.O.D and Carla Monroe deserve just as much credit on this amazing, lively remix.

Achilles, Lister & Jessie Lee Thetford – As The Rush Comes

A cover of the Motorcycle classic, Melbourne talents Achilles and Lister create a brand new future rave and big room techno-infused banger. Together with Jessie Lee Thetford’s incredible vocal work, the record is not only a vibrant new main room revision, but a respectful new take on the trance classic.

KAYTRANADA & Anderson. Paak – Twin Flame

Vibe creator KAYTRANADA teams up with Anderson .Paak for their feel-good anthem ‘Twin Flame’. From the vocals to the beat, the track creates an awesome endorphin hit. With additional talent such as Nile Rodgers in the credits, there is no surprise why this track is so good.

deadmau5 feat. Skylar Grey – My Heart Has Teeth

deadmau5 created the anthem for the Resident Evil Netflix series and let’s just say that the only positive was this song. Skylar Grey’s haunting vocals stand out throughout the chill mau5 production. deadmau5’s does a great job on the subtle and simple production that results in his best deadmau5 song of the past couple of years.

Disclosure & RAYE – Waterfall

Disclosure and RAYE teamed up in March for a great pop house offering. 24 million streams is a lot, but for some reason doesn’t sound like many for this. The crossover potential for ‘Waterfall’ was there, it’s very catchy – it should have been heard on the radio and beyond. RAYE and Disclosure is a great merge of styles that we hope continues into the future.

DROELOE feat. Ponette – Holiday

DROELOE teams up with Ponette for the first time on ‘Holiday’, the vibrant production is DROELOE at his best and has really come into his own since becoming a solo project. There was not a tonne of music this year so hopefully tracks as good as ‘Holiday’ will be sprinkled throughout 2023.

Honourable Mentions

Third Party feat. Kathy Brown – Joy

KREAM – Pressure

DubVision, Otto Knows & Alex Aris – Electricity

Kasablanca – Phoenix

Duke & Jones – Lucid

Eli Brown – Believe

Ship Wrek & MKLA – Show Me A Sign

Chocolate Puma – Beyond The Sky

ARTY, Nadia Ali & BT – Must Be The Love (Enamour Remix)

Curbi & Helen – Losing Sleep

Spada & Eleonora – You Run

jaakob – Palma




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