Cyazon Talks About His Creative Process in Exclusive Interview

Cyazon’s creativity and talent are surely matchless. The DJ and music producer known for the futuristic and cyberpunk soundscapes of his hard-hitting bangers keeps proving why his name deserves to be followed. 

His highly cinematic releases that range from Electro House to Dubstep, certainly create a world of its own, displaying Cyazon’s skills and vision in all its might. 

We sat downs with Cyazon to learn more about his creative process, his usual workflow and how he finds inspiration. 

Hi Cyazon! how are you? 

Hi, doing good! 

We want to know more about your creative process, where do you usually find inspiration? 

Usually, I find inspiration in the moment while I’m creating. Whether it is a particular sound that I’m using, an idea or past experience, or inspiration from a movie or song.  

What other activities besides music making help you get inspired to make new music? 

For the most part, it is meditating or focusing on my intentions or desires in life that helps me make new music. Also reflecting on experiences I want to have in the future helps me make new music, because it gives me a story to go off of when creating.  

Do you usually follow the same process when producing a track? 

Yes, usually it starts off with an atmospheric/pad sound, which helps me create the melody and theme for the track. Sometimes though, it can start off with a melody idea too.  

What’s your favorite part of a track to work on? 

For me, it is the intro because I’m able to channel what I’m feeling in the moment and the story I want to tell in the song. 

How does technology play its part in helping you with your creative processes? 

I would say for the most part, it has a minimal role with my creative process when songwriting. If anything, it’s the sound design and presets I use within the synthesizer plugins I use, so in a sense that is technology. 

Have you changed something in your workflow recently?  

Not recently, but if I’m stuck trying to make a new song, I will start with the chorus/drop instead of the intro or beginning of the song.  

What has been the best change or implementation you made to your workflow in music production or in your creative process and how has that changed the way you make music? 

I feel like this year, I have been a significant improvement with my mixing/mastering process. I now usually have a process and order in which I finalize a track. I’ll EQ everything first, make sure the levels/volume for each element are mixed well with everything, and group processing such as drums, melodics, bass. I also know what kind of mix processing I need to do for particular elements before I use the mastering chain I have already set up.  

What do you do to help you overcome feeling stuck while producing a track? 

If I’m stuck on a track, usually I’ll take a step away from making music for a day or a few days. Sometimes, if I’m feeling inspired and feel like I can overcome it in the moment, like I said earlier, I will work on the chorus, or sometimes make new sounds/find a new atmosphere sound. I found recently if I create/find a new atmosphere sound that I can make a new song relatively quickly. 

What would you say is the most important thing to keep in mind when starting a new creative project? 

To have no expectations of what the song should sound like or become when it is finished. Also, it helps to have a vision with a story or theme for what the song will be about.  

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