Dady Slides into 2019 with New Single, “Rollarblades”


“Rollarblades is a metaphor for that somewhat childish tendency to run away from a good thing. It’s about the realization that the special someone you’ve been searching for has been right in front of you the entire time.” - Rachel Dady

Here for their first track of 2019, Dady is back with their next single, “Rollarblades.” Building off of the hallmarks of their past discography, “Rollarblades” takes a minimalistic approach to pop future bass while subverting genre expectations with complex, layered lyrical content. Jesse O’Conner, the primary producer of the duo, draws inspiration from early 2000s pop music with unsyncopated rhythms and simplistic, infectious melodies for the instrumental.


Going a step deeper and looking at the lyrical content, listeners of the genre might be surprised to see a darker indie approach with its subject matter, taking an arguable niche perspective and situation and going into detail about its effects on the singer’s life. While longtime fans have come to expect more complex lyrics from Dady, newcomers will most likely do a doubletake upon hearing Rachel discuss the ins and outs of a long-term relationship. It’s certainly a refreshing take and arguably the most intriguing aspect of this up-and-coming duo. With an steady-growing discography under their belt, we’ll be looking forward to their next release and hitting that replay button on their existing tracks.

Stream it bellow: