Damian Lazarus Takes Listeners for a Transcendental Journey on Mountain

Transcendental music can take the form of many sonic frequencies. The one commonality is that once through the door the sensation wraps around your body, consuming every inch in an aural cloak. Its pure ecstasy that brings you back to its world over and over to feel that “thing” once more. If there was ever an artist that truly embraced transcendence and offered listeners passage to the same realm, its Damian Lazarus and the magic he spins both live and recorded. Today, he returns to awaken the sensibility of those who dare listen with “Mountain”, the debut single from his upcoming album, Flourish.

Lazarus has been a mountainous influence and figure of House, Techno, and the underground since the early 2000s. His work has brought us brilliance and wonderful sound composition like a Technicolor Dreamcoat of Dance music. He has sent many on a sonic journey both in his recorded work and his live sets that are arguably unrivaled with incendiary DJing and spiritual connectivity, which bring special moments to those that bear witness. This video from his 2019 Day Zero performance will help articulate what I mean. Lazarus is a truly great artist that has never wavered from his divine identity and it is why each time he returns that it is an exciting moment.

“Mountain” is Lazarus’s first original, since his release of Moment In The Dark and the first record, since his insanely tantalizing remix of Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet’s “Jolean”. True to his identity, “Mountain” drips electrical shrapnel that offers listeners a connection to a higher plane. The deep, barbed beat keeps the listeners focused on the spirituality that is formed by swirling penetrative synths, Lazarus’s own bellowing vocal, and an angelic female sample. The sound design truly creates an environment that oscillates through various degrees of religious-like connection. If it were possible, “Mountain” feels as though it would soundtrack the opening of a monolithic structure in 1000 B.C. and I love it.

I would be remiss to not touch base on the two remixes neatly packed alongside the original. The two great remixes are from Tornado Wallace and Tibi Dabo. They both bring fantastic new ideas to the record that deserve a listen. Check back next week where I will provide more insight on these in my next, upcoming Remix Radar.

Damian Lazarus returns to us at a time when the world is affixed in skirmishes and needs to be reminded of the spiritual connectivity that spans humanity. His release of “Mountain” sets the scene to do just that and brings insatiable anticipation for his second full-length album. If the rest of the album is like “Mountain”, we are in for a special record that will bring us to a new transcendental plane.

To stream “Mountain” continue scrolling or follow the link here to choose your DSP of choice. To learn more about his upcoming album, keep your eyes peeled to CULTR.




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